The Original Harlem Globetrotters at The SSE Hydro

We recently were very kindly invited along to see The Original Harlem Gobetrotters at The SSE Hydro. At first we didn't know what to expect - we knew they were a world famous basketball team who were very well known for their tricks, slam dunks and getting the crowd involved, but we didn't know if the show would consist of solely tricks and such or if they would play a game too and we didn't want to youtube it or anything and spoil the suprise as this was something totally different and new for us so we were excited to go along and watch!

Before the show begins Globey - their loveable mascot gets the crowd warmed up with some fun and games and gets some crowd participation with a game of musical chairs with the kids and a dance competition with some adults. Of course every lucky person selected from the crowd to take part does get a little present for their participation which is lovely. For those who aren't lucky enough to be selected there is a merchandise stand selling basketballs (£20-£70), programmes (£8), sweat bands (approx £7), globey mascot toys (approx £15).

Shortly after the warmup the teams were introduced - first of all the Generals - the opponents and of course the Harlem Globetrotters. They started off showing some tricks in the 'magic circle' and then kicked off the game after explaining some of the rules such as the 4 point shot and the siren that you hear throughout the game meaning they need their 'fan power!'

Each leg of the game lasts 1o minutes and they pause it regularly for tricks, fun & games and of course to wind up some members of the audience.

The show is also really funny - the whole way through the kids and adults were where in fits of giggles. As i said before the team regularly head into the crowd to make sure everyone gets involved and sometimes its at members of the crowds expense that everyone has a giggle (don't worry its all very light hearted and fun so no need to panic)

After the game is done and the show is over The Harlem Globetrotters head into the foyer to sign autographs and pose for photographs which the kids loved - its ideal if you have purchased a programme or basketball too as they will happily sign these and then you have a fab little piece of memorabilia from the event, so if like me you are a little bit  apprehensive about the price of some of the merch (I would have had to buy 2 of everything so the kids didn't fight over it) keep in mind that yes you may pay £20 or more for the ball (depending on what size you choose) but by the end of the night you could be paying £20 for a ball signed by the entire team!


The kids both seemed to have a few favourites including Big Easy, Torch (of course Lucy loved that there was a female in the team), Firefly and Thunder. During the meet & greet there is no queuing system in place so the team members line up behind the barrier and you pretty much squeeze in and out of the lines and go to who you wish to see - this saves a whole load of time as we were able to get a quick picture with the kids favourite players and head to the car - at the same time I did feel bad for not taking them to see the rest of the players as they were all brilliant and seriously talented but it was a school night and bedtime was fast approaching!

All in all the show is extremely entertaining for all the family and we didn't expect to get as into the game as we did - we wanted the Globtrotters to win!! (and we are glad they did).

They only come on tour once a year and its usually just the one night they play but we would highly recommend for a fun night out no matter who you go with or what your age. If your looking for something different then give it a try - I can almost guarantee you wont be disappointed! We weren't even out of the arena yet and the kids were asking if we could come back next time!

Tickets are usually priced from around £19-£125 (the £125 ones I'm sure are VIP tickets with meet and greet, pre-show dribbling with a player on the court and such) but from what we could see the £19 & £25 tickets etc were pretty good seats!

As stated above our tickets to the show were very kindly gifted and we are really grateful of it as its not something we would have thought to purchase tickets for (unless your are obviously into basketball and are fans of the team) so it was lovely to be given the opportunity to experience it, as after seeing it we would absolutely purchase tickets to see this again in the future - we had such a great time and I think its fair to say The Harlem Globetrotters have got themselves 4 new fans!! 

*Special thanks to SEC / The SSE Hydro for having us along

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