Our visit to Glasgow Science Centre!

Now before I start I have to admit, this was a very short trip to the Science Centre as we started our afternoon off with a visit to the IMAX Cinema to watch Guardians of the Galaxy 2 first as part of the IMAX Film Festival (we also highly recommend this cinema).

Upon arriving there was quite a queue to get in - clearly a popular place to go (especially when the weather is particularly bad), this did go down quite quickly though. We started off at the optical illusion section which is my favourite part - My son claims this did make him feel a little sicky but he got over it pretty quickly and it didn't stop him having fun or enjoying it. The Wacky Salon is my favourite exhibit in this section, it throws me all off balance but it makes me laugh so much trying to make it from one end to the other - somehow though my kids done it like pro's! - Whats the deal with that? We spent quite a bit of time in this section as there so many fun things to take part in and so many opportunities for fun photos! On this floor too there is also a soft play area for kids and this also has a section partitioned off for babies too (see photos in slideshow for example) 

Next we headed into the planetarium which would apparently take us 'under the night sky'. WOW, I've got to say I've heard alot about the Planetarium and never doubted that it would be amazing but I was blown away. As the showing was at 4pm and the centre closed at 5pm we were reluctant to stay for the entire thing as we wanted to explore more of the Science Centre but when it started we were totally in awe and couldn't leave. My kids sat the entire 40minutes pointing to the sky and at the stars that filled the room and they were delighted to be able to go into space to and even get a view of the earth as Tim Peake would have saw it from the window of the International Space Station. It costs around £3 extra on your ticket to go to a Planetarium showing and they last around 40minutes but I totally recommend you do it - its amazing (gives you a little rest too)

Lastly before we headed off we went upstairs to have a look at the 'How Your Body Works' section. Again we never made it all the way around this as we only had 20 minutes until closing time, but the exhibits we did look at were really fun, interactive and educational. My son loved the game in which he was a bogey in the nostrils of someone - gross but kids do love gross things and it was a game so a win win for us! They really liked the exhibits in which they could test their heart rates / beats per minute etc. There is also a giant hamster wheel  like game in which they need to run and try to get all the lights on. We also spotted some running / cycling exhibits here too - lots of things in which your little ones will love having a go on and maybe challenging you to beat your scores! 

Sadly time was up for us but we are definitely going to plan a return trip and see all of the things we didn't manage to get around today - Especially the Futuristic Zone - I think my son will love this section. We never managed to get to the cafe or gift shop on this trip either nor did we get to see a show / lesson in the Science Theatre, however I will make a point of doing this on our next visit! We also noticed alot of sensory exhibits within the Science Centre and noted that they have also started to introduce autism friendly hours too. 

To sum up - The Science Centre is clearly a very popular place filled with so much to do and so much to learn. Kids will tire themselves out enjoying the many interactive exhibits, and learning as they go along - credit where it is due The Science Centre makes education fun!  With so much to do and see our top top for this day out is : Arrive Early and plan to spend the full day here, There is plenty of areas you can go for a breakout / rest and a few places to grab refreshments including a cafe and a Starbucks near the IMAX entrance. Prices for entry are £9.70 per adult & £7.90 per child.  We also highly recommend a Science Passport just incase you don't get round everything in one day - The Science Passport is only £27 per adult and £21 per child. This give you unlimited access to The Science Centre all year round, discounted & sometimes free entry to events taking place throughout the year, Discounted parking (£1), 10% off Birthday Parties, and saves you time queuing with a Members Only Queue.

For more information about Glasgow Science Centre you can visit their website here:  www.glasgowsciencecentre.org 

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