Little Critters - Stirling

Just a 30 minute drive from Glasgow located at the back of Dobbies in Stirling there is a little hidden gem called Little Critters. This is a must do for anyone who loves being able to interact with animals! 

We love animals and are always in our element when visiting zoos, farms & safari parks so you can image our delight when we found out Little Critters offers a hands on encounter with some of the friendliest little creatures around.

When we arrived we were greeted by Garry who runs Little Critters he explained what animals where located in what enclosures and what ones we could enter / handle the animals.

We headed first for the pen with some bunnies, chickens and a lot of gunea pigs! They are fast little creatures so we didn't manage to hold any but where happy enough to be in next to them playing and feeding them some of their food.

We had a walk around to see some of the beautiful birds of prey - Lucy really enjoyed listening to the laughing Kookaburra ! You can handle some of the birds of prey for a small charge of £3 for a small bird and £4 for a larger one. In warmer months Little Critters offer a 'Hawk Walk' experience when you can fly the birds and attract them back to you with some food - there is a small additional fee for this also.

When walking around we noticed there was also doves, ferrits, chipmunks (I love these little cuties) and a few other lovely little animals. Next we headed into the office / cabin where we got to hold a lizard and ...wait for it - MEERKATS!!! Dream come true! Every time we have visited other animal parks we have always said how much we would love to be able to interact with them so we were delighted - They are so friendly - all the animals are clearly very well looked after and loved as they all seem to love having a wee snuggle with their visitors!

You can also take the meerkats for a walk in their little harnesses (£10 to do this) however again this is only an option in warmer months. 

There is a small entrance fee to get into Little Critters of £3.50 per adult, £3 per child, its free for under 3s - all entry and activity fees go towards the cost of caring for the animals. 

They also offer kids party options, keeper experiences and educational visits to Schools & nurseries etc.

Once you have paid in you can come and go througout the day so feel free to nip into Dobbies or down the road to McDonalds for lunch and come back - Opening times are 10:30am-5pm

If using sat nav follow directions for Dobbies as the postcode took us elsewhere! - Best to call ahead in the case of adverse weather to check of they are open (details here)

It is a small family run place so if you visit during spring / summer where it may be slightly busier please be patient in allowing the staff time to assist you in taking turns to pet the animals. However, be it small Little Critters is filled with lots of beautiful, friendly, loving little animals and your guaranteed to love it warned though it may make you want some new pets! 

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