Disney on Ice - Worlds of Enchantment

Now anyone who knows me knows I'm a HUGE Disney Fan ...so once again we were delighted to attend Disney on Ice - this time with its Worlds of Enchantment show. Read on for a little insight into who / what you might see if you are heading to the show - but don't worry I will keep the magic under wraps - no spoilers here! 
After the 'Fit to Dance' pre show to get us all warmed up, Mickey & Minnie took to the ice to welcome everyone before being joined by a few friends who were ready to take us on a journey through the Worlds of Enchantment with some of our much loved Disney movies.
First up we were off to Sunnyside to meet the gang from Toy Story 3. All of our favourites were there Buzz, Woody, Jessie, Slinky Dog, Mr & Mrs Potato Head, Rex, and even a few rarer characters like Hamm, The Aliens (a personal fav), Stretch, Barbie & Ken, and of course Mr Lotso Hugging Bear himself made an appearance! Why was Lotso there you may ask? Well every story has a Villain ..will the gang be able to escape Lotso's horrible plans for them at Sunnyside?
Next up Mickey & his clubhouse pals took us 'Under The Sea' where we met Sebastian, Flounder, Price Eric, Ariel and ...yup you guessed it the sea witch - Ursula. The story of The Little Mermaid provides colour, bubbles and many a song you and your little ones will be singing and clapping along to! 
After a short interval Mickey, Minnie, Donald & Goofy whisked us off to Radiator Springs where we met Mater (again I was way too excited about this) Ramone, Flo, Sally and the one and only Lightening McQueen  - 'Kachow'! Cars has one of my favourite soundtracks so I was delighted this section of the show was accompanied by some of the songs, not to mention Mater's classic humour - he really does crack me up! Many an 'ahhh' and oooh' filled the room when the littles one spotted Lightening McQueen making his big entrance and showing off some of his tricks! 
Last but not least Mickey & friends sent us on a slightly colder journey to Arendelle. It would seem someone accidentally caused an eternal winter... Again this is a very feel good, magical part of the show - there will definitely be lots of singing and amazed little faces as Anna, Elsa, Hans (yuk who even likes that guy?) Kristoff, and not forgetting everyone's favourite lovable snowman Olaf take us on a journey to bring summer back to Arendelle. 
All in all - Disney have done it again! It's a magical fun filled, musical show that will take you on a fabulous journey with some of our much loved Disney characters. There are a few little special effect suprises to add to the magic, the skaters talent is incredible (my daughter was in awe of them the whole time). The costumes where spot on (again the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' when Elsa reveals her Ice Queen dress prove this) and the attention to detail is something that Disney do best (watch how Barbie & Ken move - just like a doll would! ) 
There is plenty of merchandise and snacks available to buy too - you can buy slushies in a range of keepsake cups from £9-£11, Candy floss bags with keepsake hats from £9-£10, and popcorn ranges from £4-£8. There is also light up wands & swords (around £20), light up ears (approx £18), dolls (£18), figures (£12), soft toys, flags, t-shirts (approx £15), hats, programmes, colouring books etc and much, much more so make sure your little ones bring their pocket money!  
If you are heading to the show you are in for a real treat, and are sure to have a wonderful time!

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