Our Wild Day Out at Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park 

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park always has been and always will be one of our most favourite places to visit. There is so  much to do all in once place and it really does cater for all ages! On arrival (after visiting the ticket desk and getting our free car sticker which we always display on our car with pride may I add!) we always drive around the animal reserves first. We noticed on this visit some fabulous new additions - in particular the new monkey reserve - this is such a stunning little habitat for them and it allows you to get extra close for a better look! 

Once parked we stay near the front and try to catch the next showing of the Sea Lion presentation (we recommend doing this first and catching the late afternoon Bird of prey display as it allows the rest of your day to explore the park without rushing back to catch them) This is one of my kids favourite things about the park as they are always delighted and amazed to see the tricks and talents of Lola and co (my husband loves this too he finds the sea lions hilarious), something I love about this presentation is how the sea lions cleverly demonstrate what plastic / littering does to them and their other sea buddies - a very important message!  These presentations tend to fill up to almost capacity so we recommend getting there around 10 mins early to get a good spot however there is usually a few spaces left should you arrive a little closer to start time. The Meerkat, Penguin, Otter & other small animal habitats are close to the Sea Lion habitat as well as some kids carnival rides (these are an additional cost) and the chance to try your hand (or nose) at balancing a ball like the sea lions do - so plenty to keep little ones entertained while waiting on doors opening for the presentation.

Next we headed off to walk around the animal reserves (but not before grabbing an ice cream from one of the many kiosks around the park). We really do love how close you can get to some of the animals although my favourite (Tigers) where not playing ball this visit much to my disappointment (but an excuse for a return trip eh?) The bridge walkway across the Lion & Giraffe reserves allows for some amazing pictures with the giraffes - My kids were delighted with their pic! (see images below). You can also get a pretty good picture with the Elephant and Rhinos too just around the corner at their reserves.

The petting zoo area has changed slightly since our last visit, you can make your way around the animals in a figure of 8 at their reserve. You can no longer purchase the small tubs of food to feed the animals here but they still come quite close and allow you to pet them, this is most likely to keep them as healthy as possible and prevent over feeding. Hand washing stations are provided at the entrance / exit of the petting zoo area.

Next we headed to the restaurant for some lunch - Another reason why I love it here - the Macaroni Cheese is delicious! (again see pic below) An adult meal will cost you approx £8 and a kids around approx £5 - there are barbecue areas and plenty of spots for a picnic if you wish to try to save on the pennies and bring your own food however please do not feed any to the animals as many are on special diets and this can make them very ill. The Barbecue areas can go really quick on a busy day so its advised to book these in advance

After lunch we headed round to catch the boat to Chimp Island and were lucky that the chimps were out this time for us to catch a glimpse! Once we came back from our boat trip we decided to take part in some of the free adventure activities available at the park. My husband and son headed up for a go on the Flying Fox and loved it! Then we all had a nice little relaxing shot of the pedal boats. Afterwards we headed into Lemur land where you can get up close to the lemurs and some other amazing animals. 

Before we headed home we went for a quick shot of the Astraglide Slide and then popped into the gift shop for a little souvenir - lots to choose from and reasonably priced too! 

During this trip we did not manage to catch the Bird of Prey display or spend time in the amazing Wooden Fort or Pirate Ship Play park simply because we spend so much time watching the animals that its impossible for us to fit every single thing the park includes in your admission price into one visit, however it is possible to do this if you arrive early and spend the day! 

It can be an expensive day out especially for families of 4 or more people with 2 adults and 2 kids coming in at approx £63 just for admission (kids aged 0-2 are free of charge and it is slightly cheaper if you book online), however we do highly recommend this for an amazing family day out, as you get so much value for your money at Blair Drummond Safari Park with all that is offered in your admission price! They also run lots of events / themed days throughout the year too such as 'Superhero Weekend' where there is even more to do and see at no extra cost! To check prices, book online or have a look at what is included in you admission price have a look here: Plan Your Visit

**Remember the park is closed from late October to mid March so check dates before you visit .** 

Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park also offer Birthday Party packages, Work Experience and Volunteering opportunities, Safari School (a week long programme designed for students wishing to work in the animal industry), and of course you can also purchase amazing animal encounters - something we hope to go back and do very soon!  

For more information check out their website here www.blairdrummond.com  

We can confidently say Blair Drummond Safari and Adventure Park ranks very high in the top 5 places we would recommended to visit for an amazing fun family day out! 

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