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Just like that the summer holidays are almost over and its time to do the Back to School shop - some of you love it, some of you dread it - so we hope this blog may help cut down the time you spend browsing and hopping from shop to shop  and let you get what you need and keep the kids entertained while doing so.

Lets start with keeping the kids entertained since we all know that can be the key to a successful shopping trip!

Glasgow Fort have a Nature Hub located just outside Argos where kids can join in activities until 9th August. There is a mix of crafts & games that will take place on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 11am-4pm. They can also take part in a Butterfly Trail where they can keep their eyes peeled for butterflies in shop windows throughout Glasgow Fort while you do your shopping! As well as this there are also some giant Butterflies that make for the perfect photo op too! Make sure to tag #GlasgowFortSummer if sharing these on social media!

There are lots of shops stocking a Back to School range so we thought the easiest way to tackle this is to post a list of the stores and let you know some of our favourite finds from some of the stores we shopped in as well as filling you all in on any offers or discounts that may be running.

First up we started at M&S - they had a wide rang of everything really from footwear to lunch bags, but our favourite finds in here were Polo Shirts in every colour and Skorts! Lucy refuses to wear a skirt unless she has tights or shorts on under it so this was a definite Mum win for me! Next we headed to Smiggle to have a look at backpacks and pencil cases - there are so many cool things in here and they have lots of offers on including 20% off selected items, free goo with certain purchases and much more so keep your eyes peeled for the promotional signs around the shop!

We then headed to Schuh - they have a brilliant range of Lelli Kelly's, Vans, Doc Martins, Nike's, Converse & much more! In terms of footwear there are also some brilliant deals on in Skechers who are doing buy one get 30% off a second pair on their back to school range, and Deichmann who are doing buy 1 get 1 half price - we always get Lucy's class shoes from here! If your planning on heading to Clarks you can book an appointment online which may save you some time if the shop is busy!

We then headed to Sports Direct for some gym wear for Robert - again there are some great deals on in here like 2 t-shirts for £16 - they have offers on shorts, tracksuit bottoms and joggers too where you can get 2 pairs for a discounted price.

Both kids really loved the dinosaur range of stationary in Paperchase - there's a wee back to school checklist you can pick up in here which is really helpful - they also have 3 for 2 on certain products too! Staying with stationary you can get some amazing deals in Poundland - we picked Robert up a Helix math set which is ideal for high school but they also have scientific calculators for £1 and backpacks for £5 as well as some fab pencil cases and supplies too!  

Next - again this shop is a bit of an all rounder where you can get shoes, dresses, shirts, lunch-bags etc but my favourite items in here were the range of skirts they had and smart shorts! They have really lovely uniform shorts for girls & boys - so far Ive not found any suited to girls so again this was another Mum win!

We then headed to JD Sports to look at jackets & backpacks for Robert. They have a good range of gym kit items in here too. Superdry seems to be another popular one for Jackets however their sizes don't suit Robert at the minute so we didn't go in as last time they told us they don't do kids sizes and the small adults are still a bit big on him.

We finished up a Asda Living where I tend to go for the basics such as shirts, tights, underwear, leggings etc. Again there's great value for money in here as they have lots of items available in multi packs. Lucy also decided on a pink jacket from here which I was quite surprised at as she's not a very 'pink' girl - I bet if it came in blue she would've chose that instead!

After finishing our back to school shop I headed back to Glasgow Fort that weekend with some friends to chill out a bit and catch up over dinner. We were very kindly gifted a meal at Wagamamma which I have never tried before and I really enjoyed it so will definitely be going back there with the Hubby & Kids!

Again one of the things I love about Glasgow Fort is the ability to just go and chill out a bit when you have finished your shopping. There's plenty of restaurants to choose from for lunch / dinner, and if you wanted to make a full day out of it you could even catch a movie at the Vue Cinema - all movies are only £5.49 now every day at any time (I think its £4.99 if you book online). So even if you don't manage to catch the activities at the Nature Hub there's still other family activities you could take part in when the shopping is complete.

Here is a list of stores currently stocking a Back to School range - I hope this helps cut down your time shopping and keeps it stress free and fun for all the family!


- One more thing - Free parking all day, every day!

We would like to say a huge thank you to Glasgow Fort once again for asking us to share our experience. We are very lucky that it is on our doorstep so we do love spending time here and its really convenient for us, however if you don't live as close its easily accessible from the M8 (Junction 10) and like I said above you can make a whole day out of shopping here with the cinema & restaurants and it wont cost you a single penny in parking either! Ive got to say that's one of the things I hate about driving when a full day out can cost you up to £10 or more in parking - that would pay for 2 cinema tickets or even your little ones backpack! I know that sounds really cheap but I'd rather spend that on having fun with the kids or an item they need rather than parking I feel like your just wasting money to leave your car somewhere for a few hours but I know at times its unavoidable I just try to avoid it when I can. 


** Please note Glasgow Fort very kindly also gifted us a £50 gift card which we used towards some of our purchases, however all opinions are our own honest views**

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